How do I join the club?

We encourage all interested parents/players to contact the club via email We accept enquiries all year round.

Near the end of each season each Age Group Coordinator (AGC) will work with existing Coaches to consider team placements for new players. In most cases your child will find a team, however this is largely dependent on our continued access to Coaches.


How are players selected for teams?

Where possible we try to keep players of similar skill together across seasons and age groups. An exception to this rule is the progression from winter to summer seasons, as some players move up an age group based on their year of birth.

At the end of each season, Age Group Coordinators are prompted for feedback about teams and players. In some cases certain players may be recommended for different divisions, and this will be discussed with parents accordingly.

Players wanting to progress into higher divisions are encouraged to speak to their Coach, as we have many opportunities for players to develop their skills in addition to weekly training sessions.

What are the Age Groups and Nights of Play?

Information on age groups and nights of play can be found on the Bendigo Basketball Association website


How do I get my uniform?

All Uniform items can be purchased from local Bendigo Company: Step-in-Sports via their Online Shop. If you don't know what player number should be printed on your singlet, please contact the Uniform Coordinator before ordering. If you don't check first and you order a top that clashes with another player, you may need to buy another top.

Please note that Club contacts will not know anything about your order, or how its progressing, so you'll need to contact Step-in-Sports. All uniform orders are to be collected as arranged through Step-in-Sports.

All players must wear current uniform. Singlets are expected to be tucked in. For safety, only sensible sneakers with adequate grip should be worn.

Secondhand uniforms are available but supplies are limited.

If you have any queries regarding uniforms, please contact your Age Group Coordinator or our Uniforms Coordinator




All Players, Coaches and must ENTER and EXIT the stadium where designated and must not congregate within the foyer area.

Only Coaches, players and one spectator (parent/adult) will be allowed access to the stadium courts for the duration of training.

Players will not be allowed access to the courts until 5 minutes prior to training commencing.

Parents/Guardians will need to scan the QR code and register their children for training, this must be completed by parent/guardian not child.  Parents/Guardians are to collect their children at the end of training.  Children will only be supervised for the 5 min changeover period.

All teams have been allocated 5 minutes to arrive at their courts for their training session.

All teams have been allocated 5 minutes to depart their courts after their training session.

All training sessions are to be no longer than 50 minutes in duration.

If you ARRIVE EARLY, you will need to wait outside the foyer doors in the covered area until you are called. Please maintain social distancing.

Players must bring their own basketballs to training (these will be sanitised on entry).

No bags allowed.

Clearly labelled drink bottles - there isn't provision to have access to drink taps or the ability to refill drink bottles.

If a child is unwell or showing any symptoms please DO NOT attend training and refer to the Victorian Government Covid-19 Guidelines.

If your child has any acute medical conditions that require constant supervision, please contact so that we can make arrangements to suit.


Where do we practice and train?

We currently utilise the Indoor Gym at Bendigo South East Secondary College for the majority of our training sessions every Thursday night.  The entrance to the Gym is located on Keck St, Flora Hill.

We have access to multiple courts at this facility, which allows for more than one age group to share a time slot.

As a club we favour a group training environment, allowing for a wider variety of drills and also providing the benefit of being able to deliver consistent instruction and guidance to all players regardless of division.

Given the huge numbers of athletes that play for Aztec's, we can not run our training sessions without the help of our awesome coaches. Most of our coaches started out just helping or standing in where needed, so if you are coaching one of our teams this season, please come down to training and help out, as many hands make lite work and make training more enjoyable for everyone!

It is expected that all players and coaches attend training where possible.


Who are my contact points as a parent/player?

Once you become a member, you will receive regular email updates with relevant club information.

For ongoing questions, we ask that you consult your club contact points in the following order:
1. Coach
2. Team Manager
3. Age Group Coordinator

Depending on the issue, items will be communicated with club committee for discussion by one of the three people above.

What are club fees for?

The majority of your club fee goes straight to the stadium for match fees. We've taken the approach of collecting match fees upfront so that games are paid for by the club, rather than relying on the cumbersome process of parents having to collect small change each game night and paying for their team at the sports office (so you don't need to hunt for cash on game day!).

A small amount goes to the club, and is used for venue hire for training and equipment where required. The club also has a number of administrative fees that need to be covered each season. Where possible, we look to subsidise other expenses like uniforms.

Club fees are generally paid at the beginning of each season.  In the case of fees not being paid, players will be deactivated from the scoring system and will not be able to take the court until their fees are finalised.

We offer flexible payment options including Bpay, credit card and direct debit payment arrangements.  If you have any queries in relation to fees, we encourage you to contact the club ASAP. 

Please note that our fees do not cover Player's Insurance which must be purchased from the Bendigo Basketball Association annually.  We will provide you with a link to organise this insurance after you have registered with Aztecs.



Summer Season 2020/2021

Please note that due to covid-19, fees have been reduced to:

  • U10's - $98
  • U12's and above - $120

Due by 2nd March 2021.

Winter Season 2021

  • U10's - $150
  • U12's to U18s - $175
  • Under 20s - $15
  • Under 23s - $15
  • Seniors - $15

Due by 9th May 2021.


Where do I find Fixtures & Results?

Winter fixtures are now in Play HQ and can be found at this link.